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Kontinuierliche Beobachtung, um Komponenten über die Zeit zu verfolgen. Jetzt informieren! Die Raman-Spektroskopie ist eine Ergänzung oder Alternative zur FTIR-Spektroskopie Include all the essential components needed to perform Raman measurements. Visit our website www.hamamatsu.com and contact us for more information Mira handheld Raman Analyzer (MIRA) sind robuste und zuverlässige portable Spektrometer für die Material Identifikation und Verifikation. Diese Geräte kombinieren einfache Bedienung mit einem Maximum an Sicherheit und liefern Ergebnisse innerhalb von Sekunden Handheld Raman spectrometers nowadays are established high valuable analytical instruments, which replace a classical laboratory analysis for many applications

Providing a revolutionary new capability in hazardous chemical identification and incident response, the Resolve handheld Raman analyzer enables rapid identification of explosives, narcotics, toxic industrial chemicals, chemical warfare agents, and other materials through sealed, opaque containers Handgehaltene Raman-Spektrometer sind heutzutage bewährte Instrumente, welche für zahlreiche Anwendungen eine klassische Laboranalytik ersetzen. Beispielsweise in der Wareneingangskontrolle ermöglichen handgehaltene Raman-Spektrometer einen effizienten Prozess zur Materialfreigabe The NanoRam is the first handheld Raman spectrometer of its class to feature laboratory grade performance and computer processing in the palm of your hand. This revolutionary tool is quickly becoming the industry standard for quality control, forensic analysis, and anti-counterfeiting Misa is a compact, portable instrument that utilizes Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) to detect food fraud instantly, reliably, and easily. The instrument has been designed to provide clear and immediate results to non-specialists > Learn more about Misa Orbital Raster Scan: for improved reproducibility and accurac

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handheld Raman devices are equipped with a reference material for conducting this check. Such performance checks should be performed once at the beginning of a batch analysis. 4.2 Analysis of samples Direct analysis of the samples can be performed using handheld Raman devices with minimum or no sample preparation. Such devices can be used to analyse samples present in different forms such as. Chemical detection systems based on handheld Raman spectroscopy are ideal tools for analyzing potentially hazardous samples, because unlike other handheld detection techniques, analysis can often be performed though packaging material, without disturbing the sample, which minimizes exposure to the operator Unser Angebot umfasst handgehaltene Röntgenfluoreszenz-Analysatoren, LIBS-, FTIR- Nahinfrarot- und Raman-Spektrometer sowie mobile Massen- und Ionenmobilitätsspektromer, Röntgenscanner, Colorimeter, Strahlenmessgeräte und PCR-Analysatoren

Handheld Raman spectrometer: Cora 100 :: Anton-PaarPortable Raman Spectrometer, Raw Material Testing in

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  1. g goods quickly in the warehouse. Vaya combines the capabilities of conventional Raman systems with SORS for maximum sample/container.
  2. ds's Data A1 smart phone, this device maintains connection to cloud via a cellular link even when WiFi is not available. The cloud data platform allows the user to share all data on its.
  3. By integrating the Progeny handheld Raman analyzer into the development of new applications or adapting it to current workflows, you can expect the ability to: Accurately analyze your materials through packaging Minimize the learning curve with a smartphone inspired interface Increase confidence in your material ID with unparalleled sensitivit
  4. g raw materials such as APIs, excipients, and intermediates. Compact and agile, the NanoRam-1064 can be used by non-technical users to rapidly identify samples in the lab, warehouse, loading dock or field, helping to eli
  5. Handheld Raman Spektrometer Mithilfe der Raman-Spektroskopie ist eine eindeutige Identifizierung, ähnlich einem Fingerabdruck, von Materialien möglich. Da es sich dabei um eine zerstörungsfreie Analysemethode handelt, ist kein direkter Kontakt mit der Probe erforderlich
  6. StellarRAM ™ Handheld Raman Overview 785nm and new 1064nm Handheld Raman Analyzer for material ID Robust and reliable design with high performance Easy-to-use, App Style software interface includes libraries for chemical identification, explosives, narcotics, food additives, and much mor
  7. ationsrisiko für Bediener und Material.
Using non-destructive Raman Spectroscopy at the crime

Handheld Raman Analyzer RaPort Bringing qualities of laboratory molecular analysis to the field, RaPort® ensures precise material identification with utmost mobility. Fully portable device, lightweight, supplied with in-build battery and wireless data transfer, easy acquisition of spectra of prohibited materials and their compounds While infrared and Raman handheld spectrometers all shine similar colours of invisible light at their targets, they are not all the same - and neither are users. For a forensic scientist, a drug. Raman IdentiCheck Portable Raman System The PerkinElmer® Raman IdentiCheck™ is a unique instrument that combines the convenience of a portable, hand-held triggered probe system with the performance of a highly specified laboratory instrument. It is the perfect choice for in-situ Raman analyses performed away from the normal laboratory but where high quality data is essential. Advantages of. of Handheld Raman, Mid-Infrared, and Near-Infrared Spectrometers Damir Sorak a, Lars Herberholz a, Sylvia Iwascek a, Sedakat Altinpinar a, Frank Pfeifer a & Heinz W. Siesler a a Department of Physical Chemistry, University of Duisburg-Essen, Essen, Germany Accepted author version posted online: 03 Nov 2011.Published online: 02 Feb 2012. To cite this article: Damir Sorak , Lars Herberholz.

Handheld Raman Spektrometer und SERS Analyzer für Labor

  1. ATR6600 is a set of 1064nm handheld Raman analyzer that excels at fluorescence resistance suit to high fluorescence materials detection. With a compact size, lightweight (<1.2kg), and easy-to-hold, it can be widely applied to industries of customs, public safety, lab, plant, warehouse, deck etc
  2. ing, customs, law enforcement scene, pharmaceuticals, policy, metro, security safety, etc. It has been widely used for identifying materials spectrum. Q-What does handheld Raman tell you
  3. Raman spectroscopy Identification of unknown spilled pills including immune boosters during the COVID19 quarantine. This video features a handheld Raman syst..
  4. eR DeltaNu Inspector Raman DeltaNu RockHound PerkinElmer RamanStation 400 Raman.
  5. BRAVO Handheld Raman Spectrometer Bruke
Gemini™ AnalyzerVISERION® Raman Spectroscopy - Kaplan Scientific

Video: Handheld Raman ID Through Opaque Containers, Resolve Agilen

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